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    Water is Vital
    Water is Vital. In the mist of this global event we find ourselves in the start of hurricane season.  We already saw our local stores inability to keep up with demand for water in the anticipation of Hurricane Isaias.  At Azure Water Co. we are fully prepared to make and ship emergency water for anyone in need.  In reaction to the current situation, we have dropped our water prices on high alkaline waters in order to help accommodate the need and are currently accepting orders for 1, 10, and 20 pallets.  I have outlined the price breakdown below and we currently have the capability to turn around orders much faster than the normal industry standard. Pricing below:

    1 pallet delivered / 24 bottles per case / $8.95 per case x 72 (cases) = $644 ($0.37 per unit)

    10 pallets delivered (half truckload) / 24 bottles per case / $7.95 per case x 720 (cases) = $5,724 ($0.33 per unit)

    20 pallets delivered (full truckload) / 24 bottles per case / $6.95 per case x 1440 (cases) = $8,568 ($0.25 per unit)

    Our goal is help lift the burden that is being placed on our communities due to the pandemic and during hurricane season now in full swing in Florida.  If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to place an order, please reach out to me at N.Lopez@azurewater.com or you can contact me directly at 954-629-2805.  Feel free to stop by in you prefer and speak to our Office Manager Sean Johnston for assistance. 
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